Have had some personal health issues for the past few weeks, but for the last week or so thanks to the webniverse I’ve found some consolation via new friends on etsy, ebay and flickr.  It’s amazing how nice crafty people are.

I am happy to be back crafting, and looking forward to uploading some new pics of new dolly hats, and lovely new characters that I have been working on for too long.

Coming soon: Rudolph, Domo, Monster, Penguin, and Monkey dolly hats!


So  I finally decided that I need some sort of way to fund my dolly habit so  I don’t feel like a horrible mother spending so much money on my resin babies as opposed to my real ones. 🙂

I have been knitting hats for my lati yellow and my mui chan (also fits a pukifee).   I have some alterations to do, but I am happy with the bonnet pattern.

Here’s some examples of some of them so far- I have so many more ideas but not enough time!!

Clockwise: Anime bear, totoro, giraffe, pink anime, and an owlet.

They take  a really long time to knit, and double to make the faces, but I am happy with them.

I also love this hello kitty beanie: 


All hats are made with high quality yarn- each one is different. I  don’t know how long  Iwill be knitting these as they hurt my fingers.

I’d love to know what people think of them! 🙂

This lovely little girl is coming to me in November. 🙂

Mui Chan V4 by Ixdoll

Isn’t she a beauty? Now I am debating whether or not to keep some of my dolls or sell one of them. 😦 This hobby is super expensive!

I found this gem while searching for miniatures on etsy this weekend.

I just love miniatures, you can never collect too many. But to have it in jewelry? Brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen miniatures made into jewelry before, but these just seem so chic!! The pretty redhead in the photos don’t hurt either.

Find them all at www.lechouchou.etsy.com

I’m off to find some chocolate.

Another one of my favorite japanese web treasures:


Free claymations site! You can add them to your websites. If you are like me and can’t read a lick of japanese, use google translator to translate the pages.

So. freaking. cute.

There’s also tutorials so you can learn to make your own claymations.  Someday I hope to make one out of my woolie creatures.

My husband took some pictures of him this weekend.  He is getting so big!

Seems like he was a newborn just yesterday. Now he is two, talking and singing and doing things on his own.

He loves the things  I make, and happily tells people “mommy maked it”. 

It took him a while to get used to wearing the hats I would make for him as you can see here:

I think he was 3 months there- He was always hot and hated hats. ha.

Here he is now- my big two year old boy.

In daddy’s shoes

Sweet smile

After a long two month wait, meet Suki, my pretty Lati Yellow Lami.

I made some clothes for her last night before she came and kind of guesstimated her size- I did pretty good! It fits- not too well, but it works.

Her gardenia hair clip I made out of clay on a sterling silver plated alligator clip- but the flower size is a bit too big.

Aren’t her eyes beautiful? Enchanting.

Yes, I know I am too old to be playing with dolls.

I just started in the collecting bjd’s (ball jointed dolls) game and I’m afraid it’s an expensive hobby.

Everyday I see more and more dolls to add on my wishlist.


This lovely little baby- Nappy Choo by Soom

He reminds me so much of my little kewpie doll when I was a kid.

I know I’m late on the bandwagon most times than not, but I don’t mind much.

I found these gorgeous Christien Meindertsma Urchin Poufs on a design magazine and fell in love.

Who knew knit stools were so chic? Unfortunately the price is way too much for me.

Luckily for all of us crafters a pattern is around blogland! On Pickles blog, she has a pattern for a knit puff and it’s just as awesome!  Best of all, the patterns are free!

Plus she has these  amazing choices as well:

 “Baby Puff” in lovely moss stitch

“Puff Mama” in a lovely textured rib stitch- love the two tone!

AND: a “Puff Granny” a crochet version!

She has such amazing free patterns as you can see… Check them out!

I absolutely love knitting.  I admit to some sort of crafting ADHD- when I see a craft I like I completely immerse myself in it.  I go on a compulsive buying binge and buy and read everything about that craft.  Once I figure it out though, I lose interest and move on to another.

Knitting for me has always been there for me to fall back on.  It’s so amazing to me that you can make such gorgeous fabric with a string of yarn.

Projects like this are exactly why knitting is so inspiring…

Undercover Baby Blanket by Hedgehog Fibers

Hedghehog  fibers also has some beautiful hand dyed yarn and gorgeous roving. Yum Yum Yum..